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The Vocalensemble LALÁ has won numerous international competitiones such as the International Anton Bruckner Choir competition in Linz , Austria, the fifth a capella contest in Leipzig, Germany (in a tie with „audiofeels“) or the the Marianne Mendt young talent jazz grant. Furthermore the four singers won the Xing-Hai prize of music at the first Xing-Hai choir championships in Guangzhou, China. They obtained the platinum medal for excellent interpretation in the catagories of „pop/jazz/gospel“, „folk“ and „mixed choires“.


Lalá – music with guaranteed goose-bump effect

With apparent ease the four singers of the vocalensemble LALÁ carry their audience from the very moment they appear on stage. People around the globe have been fascinated by their sheer limitless elan, unique sound, and breathtaking stylistic diversity. From Algeria to China they have sparked magic in the hearts of all who have heard them with their humour, flawless ensemble and depth of emotion. Whether it's jazz, pop, classical or folk music– distinguished competition juries throughout the world have awarded them the highest accolade. The unanimous verdict: a treat for the ears!


My childhood was characterized by one major topic – good music. Growing up both in Carinthia and in Upper Austria, I was introduced to classical music in all its facets from a very tender age on. Soon I started to explore other types of music like pop and jazz. My burning desire to be a professional singer has driven me and my life ever since. From the age of twelve I could finally start my singing instruction first at home with my mother, then at the Universität für Musik und darstellende Kunst in Vienna, and finally at the Anton Bruckner Privatuniversität in Linz, where I also completed my Bachalor degree with distinction. To me singing with LALÁ is one of the most significant gifts in my life. It gives me the unique opportunity to fully unfold myself and my voice on many different levels. Thanks to LALÁ I have seen things, I would surely not have seen so far, and I have met artists, who I’ve always admired, and I’ve got to know people, who have become friends and companions. It is pure satisfaction to make music together with Julia, Hansi and Mathias. It simply makes me happy.

Ilia Vierlinger
Ilia Vierlinger


I grew up in a small idyllic village in the Mühlviertel, the northern part of Upper Austria, well looked after and surrounded by musically gifted people, who have become and remained significant parts of my life.
Also, it makes me feel happy and grateful to see that if it hadn’t been for my school years at the „Adalbert Stifter Gymnasium“ I would probably not be writing about myself on this website.

After my „Matura“ I went on to study to become a teacher for music and psychology/philosophy and also I studied song with Univ.-Prof. Mag. Maria Bayer. This was the perfect soil and a broad basis for my growing musical appreciation. Eventhough my studies in Vienna and my increasingly full-scale engagement with LALÁ made my time management often not too easy, I can look back and see that it was well worth while.

After all my most favorite hobby is now my job.

Mathias Kaineder
Mathias Kaineder


The foundation of my life is my loving, beneficient and musically suffused childhood. Free of any expectation or compulsion I was given the chance to devote to any of my talents. I started learning and playing several instruments, but singing turned out to be my biggest joy.

My decision to expand my musical education and therefore to go to the Adalbert Stifter Gymnasium turned out to be a groundbreaking one in many respects. It was there that I met my husband, Stefan, who happens to be Mathias’ cousin. We got married on September 5th, 2009 and have since been blessed with two children (Sophia, *April 2010; Maximilian, *August 2011, Florian *Februar 2015). I really enjoy the combination of being a „stay at home Mum“ and singing with LALÁ, which, thanks to my husband’s as well as my parents’ combined efforts, works out splendidly!

When I think about the wonderful things we have experienced together – the rehearsals, the concerts, the trips, the dreams and the plans about the future – I sincerely hope that together we can make a lot of them yet come true.

Julia Kaineder
Julia Kaineder


Peter Chalupar
Peter Chalupar

I make my living by living my passion: making music. That’s a huge privilege in itself. And sharing this dream with three of my best friends is beyond description. Singing simply makes me happy.

Mathias Kaineder

There are no concerts scheduled.

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Julia Kaineder

To me singing with LALÁ is one of the most significant gifts in my life. It gives me the unique opportunity to fully unfold myself and my voice on many different levels.

Ilia Vierlinger


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